About us

Hi, I’m Ethan, and I manage E-News.

Were a telegram news channel that aims to provide easy, accessible news that is never fake, so you can safely read and share it with your friends and family. We Fact Check every article and Picture, and sieve out which article is the best for you before it arrives in your inbox. Check out the news sources below to see where we get our news. We only get news that has been verified on and or by Telegram/IMDA.

We Started Out as a small channel with only a few friends, and we never thought we’d send news to such a wide range of people. Today, we post more often, to many people in Singapore, Providing them the best of all news that you can in one place.

We aim to be a unique channel, with a twist of things. Think about Mothership. Now add in the Straits Times. How about some CNA? You like that? Congrats, we’re nothing like that. Welcome to E-News, one hell of a channel. 

Find us on telegram, Our most popular way of getting News into your hands. We Encourage you to download the app and check us out! We are also available on Instagram/Twitter. Do follow us for timely updates!

Posting on WhatsApp is not feasible for us, due to limits and privacy issues.

Download Telegram and Join Us!

Our Staff

PlatformPerson 1Person 2Remarks
TelegramEthan Liew(FT)
InstagramCaleb Ho(PT)Jonathan Ong(PT)
TwitterEthan Liew(FT)
WebsiteEthan Liew(FT)
Our Staff.

Were Hiring! go to our hiring page here .

or SMS or Telegram Ethan to Work with Us.

FT: Full Time

PT : Part Time

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